April, 05 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Business license of Tony Abi Saab is not revoked even after being accused of war crimes

Governments yet to blacklist Tony, a gunrunner

Tony Abi Saab supplies weapons and guns to the terrorists in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan for the profit. His company, Brescia Middle East deals in arms globally with military and terrorists. It also launders money obtained from the rebel groups.

He puts thousands of lives in danger by equipping terrorists with deadly weapons. BME imports weapons to Lebanon from Italian firms—Beretta and Tanfoglio to re-route to the terrorists in Syria. The company sold Tanfoglio pistols to the LG despite knowing that some components may have been manufactured in Isreal, thereby, violating Lebanese laws. Tony managed an easy export and import of contraband weapons due to his strong relationship with some of the liaison officers in Italy.

The US investigation team searched for evidence against Tony and found many of them. The bank records of BME were doubtful, the weapons used in Syria by the terrorists were made from one of Tony’s companies, and the hefty amount of money was transferred from BME into an individual’s bank account. There were fake companies run by Tony—K5 Global, G2 Armory, Tactica Ltd, Brixia, and SIMAINT.

A string was orchestrated against Tony In 2011. He was caught red-handed from Afghanistan with valuable documents and cash and was flown to the US court to stand the trial. Sadly, Tony was well aware of the loopholes of the US justice system and pleaded human rights violation and errors in collecting the evidence against the CIA, FBI, and the US Army. He was out of the US court just by paying a small amount of money as a penalty.

His companies got banned from doing business in the United States but are legal everywhere in the world except the USA. Tony’s business license should be revoked and travel visa should be cancelled.

Chief Editor