April, 10 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

The fraudsters, Tony Abi Saab and Raymond swindled million dollars of the US Army

An investigation team of CIA, FBI, and the US Army was formed to convict the avaricious businessmen

The Middle East is a region that is known to be unstable. There have been many terrorist attacks across Syria including in major cities, resulting in large numbers of casualties. The violence and conflict in the Middle East countries are growing with each passing day since the invasion of terrorist groups in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran. The efforts done by the Military in these countries are in vain due to the weapons supply to terrorist groups from unethical businessmen like Tony Abi Saab.

The US investigation team researched the backgrounds of Tony and his business partner Raymond Azar and found some extravagant transactions in their bank accounts. For example, Raymond and Tony's companies G2 Armory and Bennet-Fouch swindled 5 million dollars of the US Army and was owned by a non-existent alias “Sarah Lee”.

Tony is an international arms and weapons dealer and his company Brescia Middle East is a base for all of his illegal businesses. Raymond is a friend and a close family relative of Tony who works on the instructions of the Abi Saabs. Azar's company Sima Salazar Group embezzled multi-million dollars of the US Army in the contract fraud.

An investigation team consisting of FBI, CIA, and the US Army was orchestrated to catch the fraudsters Raymond Azar and Tony Abi Saab fraudsters. Raymond Azar of Sima Salazar Group along with Tony’s alleged girlfriend Dinorah Cobos a.k.Sarah Lee was arrested for bribing the US Corps of Engineer working in Afghanistan and defrauding the US Army for 150 million USD. The investigation team arrested Azar and Cobos from Afghanistan in 2009 and flown them to the US court to stand the trial. Raymond was punished with ten years of jail and paid a huge amount of penalty.

After two years, in 2011 Tony was also arrested while trying to bribe a US officer in Afghanistan. He was charged for serious crimes like money laundering, supplying illegal arms and ammunition to the terrorist organizations active in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan. He was also running numerous shell companies for the purchase and sale of contraband weapons. But, it is sad that Tony got free without serving a single day in jail term and due to a technicality in the circuit court. He pleaded torture, human rights violation, and tampering of evidence against the investigation teams.

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