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Tony Abi Saab’s family owns the most shares of the Sima Salazar Group

Raymond Azar and Tony Abi Saab are business partners and close family relatives

Lebanese nationals, Raymond Azar and Tony Abi Saab are business partners and were accused for plotting the multimillion dollars contract fraud in Afghanistan. Only Raymond got convicted, whereas Tony managed to escape the heavy jail term.

Raymond Azar, president of the Sima Salazar Group, a construction company in Afghanistan that defrauded the US Army of multimillion dollars. In 2009, FBI, CIA, and the US Army executed a secret sting operation and the fraud was exposed. Sima Salazar group was earlier awarded over 150 million USD of contracts from the US Army.

Azar was arrested for the charges of bribery and fraud, but the US Army didn’t finish their search until they caught the main culprit behind the whole conspiracy, Tony Abi Saab, a Lebanon- native illegal arms dealer.

Tony and Raymond never disclosed their relationship in front of the US investigation teams until the FBI discovered their close family ties. Raymond is more than just a business partner of Tony Abi Saab. The father of Tony, Joseph Abi Saab's wife is the sister of Raymond's wife, they both are real sisters.

Also, Sima Salazar was sub-contracted under Tony's company K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch. These were Tony’s ghost companies which were banned in the US for doing any business.

Tony's main company Brescia Middle East is an international arms dealing company. The company has illegally been supplying weapons to the terror troops active in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran. Tony’s shell company, Tactica Ltd was purchasing arms commercially and selling them in the black market to the terror groups in Syria.

Raymond got imprisonment for ten years and paid a hefty penalty of 15 million USD and Tony on the other hand is free and destructing world peace through his illicit arms trade business. He tricked the US judicial system and got freed due to a technicality in the circuit court.

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