April, 24 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Corruption in the Middle East is the main cause of its destruction

Private contractors and corrupt arms dealers are defrauding the Army deployed in the war-torn countries

The US Army has wasted in billions on their war on terror in Afghanistan since 2000. The local government was scared of the militants and their dominance in the country, so it did nothing to stop the terror attacks. The international military was sent to Afghanistan to fight against the Taliban and lately, ISIS, two terror groups—although the result wasn’t the desirable one. Terrorism only spread in all these 18 years because private contractors and illegal arms dealers favored rebellions for the profit in business.

In 2009, the multi-billion dollars contract fraud was exposed by the US Army, the man named Raymond Azar and his secretary Dinorah Cobos were arrested in the context. Their company Sima Salazar International located in Afghanistan procured $150 million contracts of the US military before being exposed and also had been running the company by using the alias Sarah Lee, a non-existing person. The US Army orchestrated a sting operation to catch the fraudsters, both Raymond and Dinorah were caught from Afghanistan redhanded with bribe money and documents used in the conspiracy against the US Army.

As the case of Azar unraveled, the investigation team realized that he was not alone to execute the plan of billion dollars fraud against the US, another name came to light—Tony Abi Saab, a Lebanese arms dealer. Till now, the Army was thinking they have caught the right person and the mastermind of the billion dollars embezzlement but they soon understood, Raymond is a mere puppet of his master Tony. Most of the shares of Sima Salazar were owned by Tony and the company was run under the sub-contract of his company Brescia Middle East. Tony also duped the US of 5 million dollars through his fake companies Bennet-Fouch and G2 Armony.

Despite, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Tony is running shell companies in Europe, importing weapons from Italy, Russia and Germany to Lebanon and to later re-routing them to terrorists in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan. While Raymond and Dinorah were punished and sent to prison for five and two years respectively and also paid the penalty of $15 million, Tony escaped the jail term by tricking the legal authorities by pleading human rights violation and errors in collecting evidence.

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