August, 17 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Brescia Middle East is indicted for selling illegal weapons to terrorists in Syria and Iran

The construction company, Sima Salazar which defrauded the US Army of multi-million dollars is indirectly run by Tony Abi Saab

The United States must have learned its share of the lesson after the multi-million dollar construction fraud in Afghanistan. Sima Salazar Group is a construction company that was earlier awarded $150 million worth of contracts turned out to be a fake company. It is responsible for executing the biggest fraud against the US Corps. of Engineers. The president of the company, Raymond Azar was arrested and convicted. But, there was one more man involved in the huge fraud, Tony Abi Saab, who got away without getting any punishment.

Tony Abi Saab is an illegal arms dealer from Lebanon. He is the owner of Brescia Middle East, an international arms and weaponry dealing company. The company was indicted for bribery, money laundering, fraud, and shipment of illegal arms to vulnerable destinations. Tony is accused of running shell companies such as K5 Global, Brixia, Bennet Fouch, Tactica Ltd, G2 Armory, and Sima Salazar. All these companies disappeared after defrauding the US Army. Sima Salazar was not directly owned by Tony Abi Saab but most of its shares were on the names of the Abi Saab family members. The important decisions of the Sima Salzar were taken by Tony Abi Saab.

Sima Salazar International forged official documents, falsely procured military contracts of worth $150 million, completed not a single project, and flew overnight from Afghanistan, shutting all of its branch offices. The United States conducted a sting operation to catch the fraudsters—Tony Abi Saab and Raymond Azar. They both were caught in Afghanistan while trying to bribe a US official. Sima Salazar sub-contracted under Brescia Middle East and Tactica-Ltd. Both these companies are run by Tony Abi Saab.

Both Tony Abi Saab and Raymond were brought to stand trial in the US court. Raymond was punished for five years of imprisonment and $15 million as a penalty whereas Tony Abi Saab tricked the officials and managed to escape the jail term. Due to some loopholes in the justice system of the US, all the evidence collected by the US investigation team were considered invalid. Tony denied accepting his relationship with Raymond Azar.

Tony Abi Saab is out of the reach of the government now because he is saved by many powerful men worldwide. He is still selling weapons to terrorist groups secretly just for the sake of money and bidding for military contracts. He needs to be punished severely before its too late. The governments of the Middle East countries need to ban Tony Abi Saab’s companies.


Jack Camreon