July, 16 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Illegal arms dealer, Tony's girlfriend faked identity to defraud US Army of 5 million dollars

Tony used fake alias Sarah Lee to execute multi-million dollars contract fraud against the US Army

Corrupt and illegal businessmen made the condition of the Middle East countries worse, they took benefit of the crumbled government and traded with the militant groups. They supplied gun, weapons, and war-related amenities to the terror groups for the sake of the profit. Many of these corrupt businessmen were not from the war-prone countries but from the neighboring countries.

The Sima Salazar Group is an Afghanistan-based construction company that defrauded the US Army of multi-million dollars. The company was run by two Lebanese Raymond Azar, the president, and Tony Abi Saab, the shareholder. Their real motive was to win valuable military contracts and fraud the money paid for the contracts. To help them in succeeding in their evil motives, Tony's rumored girlfriend, Dinorah Cobos, and her sister, now a retired ex-Corps of Engineer of US, Gloria Martinez came forward.
With their help, Raymond procured about $155 million reconstruction contracts for his Sima Salazar group. Tony's girlfriend Dinorah faked alias Sarah Lee to fraud the US Army of 5 million dollars through his ghost company K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch.

The fraudsters were supported by Gloria who leaked the private information of the contracts and for her favor received expensive jewelry, cars, watches, and other valuable gift items from Tony and Raymond. Four of them, Tony, Raymond, Dinorah and Gloria, together embezzled multi-million dollars that is one of the biggest contract frauds in Afghanistan against the US Corps of Engineers.

The special team was formed by combining the members of the FBI, CIA and the US Army to catch the fraudsters. Soon, Raymond and Cobos fell in the trap set by the special investigation team and were caught red-handed with the bribe money at the US military Camp in Afghanistan. Tony and Martinez were also arrested later on.

All were flown to the US to stand a trial in the US court. Raymond was sentenced to two years of jail, Martina for seven and Dinorah for five. Tony managed to get out of the court without any punishment with a mere small sum of penalty money by pleading technicality in the Circuit court.

The condition of the conflict-land is depleting due to the regular interference of the illegal arms dealers and corrupt businessmen. They are shamelessly supporting terrorists just for the sake of the profit.

Marc Azani
Middle East